Better Traffic Flow for Project Balkans 2.8
Jun 19

Better Traffic Flow for Project Balkans 2.8

This mod is mostly designed to those players who like high traffic and are bored with one lane-interchanges and stopping on tolls. However, high traffic causes traffic jams and slower traffic flow. My mod will increase the speed/fluidity of the traffic flow through the following modifications:
– I added semaphores on all crossroads where are at least 2 entrances with 2 lanes. I didn’t do it on some crossroads in cities, between two crossroads with semaphores. I am sorry for traffic lights in air, adding poles takes too much time. For me, the most important is that semaphores are working.
– I replaced most of all one-lane interchanges with two-lanes of same type.
– I removed barriers from all tolls which have no lanes for electronic payment. (optional)


Download 81161_Better_traffic_flow_for_Project_Balkans_2.8

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