Big Airport 1.1
Apr 26

Big Airport 1.1

A big airport with 2 terminal buildings with 5 gates each and 4 runways (2 per terminal).The two terminals are build on oposite sides of a central road, each with it’s own unidirectional side road. On the side roads there are up to 4 bus stops (2 per terminal). below the road is the 8 track underground train station.The runways are switchable between allowing landing and taking off in opposite directions (game mode) and all runways in same direction (realistic mode).The number off gates for each terminal, bus/tram stops at each terminal and the number of tracks off the underground train station can all be set to 0, eliminating that part of this combined station. So it possible to just make a combined bus/train station without the airport or an airport with just bus/tram stops or just an underground train station (although the roads will still be present).Missing:I hope to find a way to add these missing elements but even without them all combinations should be fully functional.

Download 65732_1305638095_Big_Airport_1.1

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