Cadiz Bay
Apr 15

Cadiz Bay

Large map of Cadiz and its metropolitan area. It’s very fun to play, as distances between towns vary from suitable for short to long routes, especially for trains. I strongly recommend to have the industry tycoon mod, since only two industries appear on this map at the beginning. I think the map is well scaled, although it doesn’t represent real distances (the map is a square os side 16km while it would be 30 to 40 km in real life).
In case you don’t know this area, it is located in the southernmost province of Spain, Cadiz, so I suggest you as a goal for this map to provide Cadiz, located in a peninsula, with goods and passengers enough to turn it into the main city in the area. Using ships is very effective and lucrative in this map, mainly in the earliest times (1850 to 1900). Last but not least, I recomment to place a lot of industries in the peninsula west from Puerto Real, where shipping is easy and efficient and also because it’s and industrial area in real life.
This is my first map, so you might find some mistakes due to lack of expertise. Anyway, I have already played this map a lot and I haven’t found anything strange yet. You may find some small discrepancies between the actual map and the picture here above.
Enjoy and please leave a comment if you enjoyed it or want me to improve it!

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