Dan’s constant flow Industry
Feb 05

Dan’s constant flow Industry

In late game, factories may become unstable. This addon adds 6 new industries with fine tuning of production limit so they do not shutdown due to overproduction and you can have a satisfying cargo supply.Very simple to use, but please see ‘Important note about unstability…’ below !!!Place your industry and use the upgrade button to set a FIXED LEVEL slightly above the need (usually 20 work fine). For example if two towns need 640+800 food, you’ll need to set the production to 1460 (1440+20). If the production is still unstable, your level may be too high or your coverage of town insufficient. (Make sure, of course that your lines can supply the level set.)This mod cannot solve the unstability alone, it will smooth the production, but you should also use the solution below:
If you supply your town with trains + trucks, it seems there is a bug with the industry missing sometimes the correct demand information (TF check your lines every 1st of month), this is why it’s unstable in late game. The ONLY WAY to avoid this bug is to triple at least your final distribution lines. Simply split your normal line in three, ensuring that each can cover at least 50%-60% of the town’s demand.Note: Personnaly I don’t supply more than two towns per train line, I don’t guarantee the result with more.Available industries are:
-ToolsMax production is 3200 for all. To plop those industries you’ll need the ‘industry HUD add-on’ (or any other) that add the industry button.Note: I modified a bit the models so they include some visual of their chain industry (example: food industry include also some farm building)

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