Flexible Industries v1.1.20
Apr 28

Flexible Industries v1.1.20

Industries with configurable production, road connections, bus stops, truck stops, fuel requirements, input and output materials.All the default industries reworked to have:
* Add worker (industrial) demand based on production level (10 workers per production level, up to 320 jobs)
* Add optional truck stop to allow delivery and pickup inside the industry
* Add optional passenger bus stop(s) to transport workers.
* Add optional road connection(s) to other side(s) of the industry. Exact number and position of roads varies by industry, all can be turned on or off as desired to set your preferred road configuration. Note that it is possible to turn off all road connections, but in that case the industry cannot accept or supply any materials or people
* Add optional fuel demand to most industries. Where applicable, fuel (Logs or Coal or Fuel) can be either required for raw material production (1 fuel = 8 output), or increase normal processed goods efficiency by 60% (1 fuel + 5 input = 8 output).
* Industries with multiple production chains can be configured for preferred input/output materials. For example, Chemical Plant can product plastic from oil only, grain only, or either; Machines Factory can produce only machines, only tools, equal number of each, or either per demand; etc.
* Industry Appearance Level (1-5) is visual only, does not affect industry production limit (but does affect amount of input/output/truck storage)Some visual tweaks to industrial layouts were made, mostly to accommodate new roads, but also to fix some misplaced assets, and enhancements like the Quarry is now below ground level.
Industries at lower levels (e.g. Level 1 Food Plant) that don’t take up the full 126m x 126m (standard industry size) land area only block the area they actually occupy.Actual production level is on an exponential scale from 60 to 6400 in 32 steps. The actual numbers for each step are listed in one of the images above. Note that when multiple output goods are generated per cycle the production level is scaled accordingly to maintain the specified production quantity per time.A game bug in the current stable version of TpF causes the game to crash if internal roads are built when generating a new map. The bug has been fixed in the current beta version, but until it’s fixed in the stable release auto-generated industries will appear on the map with no internal roads. Simply unlock the industry and upgrade (in any trivial way, just so the industry is rebuilt) and the roads will appear. Alternately, starting the new map with this mod disabled, save, then reload with this mod enabled should work.This mod is not compatible with other mods that replace the vanilla industries. If there is a feature in another industry mod that this one does not support please suggest it.
These flexible industries can be built and deleted at will, but if you’re playing an existing map with default industries they are not upgradeable, in which case cpu | skully’s Industry Unlocker is needed.

Download 66104_1346168065_Flexible_Industries_v1.1.20

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