Fliegl SDS350 Trailer v 2.0 by Obelihno 1.31
Jun 13

Fliegl SDS350 Trailer v 2.0 by Obelihno 1.31

Thats a reupload!


Full standalone
SCS cargoes
63 skins included
High quality 3d model
Advanced coupling
Custom license plate via skinning template
Liftable axle
High quality light-mask with lp illumination
Wheels included
Cable physics support

New in v2.0: Added cable physics support, updated collisions, tweaked hook position
New in v1.9: Rebuilt front wall; new truck connectors; new side bumper and hanger; new fenders; new fender mounting brackets and hangers; new ABS box with proper textures; updated templates
New in v1.8: New trailer variant with Ecopoint II lamps; added rear bumper mudflap; trailer has 4 variants: old/new lamps + bumper mudflap/no mudflap; new wheels (author: abasstreppas); 5 new skins; paintable tensioning belts
New in v1.7: 15 new company skins; added Italia DLC cargoes; optimised shadow model
New in v1.6: 19 new unique company skins (24 with variants); more SCS cargoes (over 220 total); new kingpin position; tweaked materials; every skin available via custom trailer selection on job screen
New in v1.5: Animated landing gear ; 4 new company skins
New in v1.4: Paint-able rear bumper; Updated template
New in v1.3: 13 new company skins

SCS, Obelihno

Download 80487_fliegl_sds350_v2.0_obelihno

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