Flying Junction
Apr 29

Flying Junction

Flying junctions.
* Available via Passenger station menuImplemented functions:
* 1 ~ 6 tracks for upper or lower level
* Crossing angle between 5° and 89° with increment of 1°
* Track grouping of tunnels by 1, 2 or no grouping
* Independent adjustment of cuvres of tracks
* Left handed or right handed
* Built in concrete or stone bricks
* Raising or trenche transition tracks in possible forms of bridge, terra or solid construction.
* Build with slope
* Altitude Adjustment
* Independent catenary optionsChangelog:
* CommonAPI support
* Seperation of upper/lower track types
* Fixed upper level catenary bug
* Fixed crash when modifying lower level length when altitude equals to or greater than 100%, or higher level length when altitude is 0%
* Fixed crash when lower length equals to 50% and shorter
* Fixed error of position calculate for non crossing layout with grouped tracks
* Fixed error of position and length calculate for side retaining walls for lower level
* Fixed missing upper fences on side of transition B
* Fixed terrain alignment error on some solid transition section.
* Colission bugfix on crossing layout
* Retaining wall form bugfix on crossing layout
* Terrain alignement on lower level improved
* Added option to have curves on transitions
* Added common axis for general slope
* Added option to adjust transition length
* Improved slope option
* Improved menu
* Fixed crashes with small angles
* Raising or trenche transition tracks
* Independent catenary options
* Stone bricks version
* Reworked materials
* Backward compatibility
* Totally rewritten with curves options
* Fixed issue with change of original in-game bridges in saved games
* Changed altitude options for a more accurate adjustment, and avoid brdige failure by default—————
* Planned projects
– Crossing station
– Better Curved station

Download 68785_837486389_Flying_Junction

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