Flying Junction Road Extension
Apr 29

Flying Junction Road Extension

With this mod it’s possible to construct rail/road flying intersections is different forms.Implemented functions:
* Crossing angle between 5° and 89° with increment of 1°
* Seperation of lower level
* Independent adjustment of cuvres of road/track
* Left handed or right handed
* Built in concrete or stone bricks
* Raising or trenche transition tracks in possible forms of bridge, terra or solid construction.
* Flying-junction-like structure or bridge-like structure
* Build with slope
* Altitude AdjustmentATTENTION:
The flying junction mod is needed to use it.Changelog
* CommonAPI support
* Fixed catenary construction error before it’s apperance
* Fixed track number count bug
* Fixed crash when modifying lower level length when altitude equals to or greater than 100%, or higher level when altitude is 0%

Download 66954_1114711628_Flying_Junction_Road_Extension

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