GAZon Next Pack V 4.0 [MP]
Jul 07

GAZon Next Pack V 4.0 [MP]

The pack is fully adapted to the Gear Box (mod to gearbox)
The real subordinate numbers are registered for each transmission, now the gearbox displays 5 gears forward and 1 back (not 12 as before)))
If you play without a gear box, then nothing terrible trucks work fine and without it, in addition, they have significantly improved handling and stability.
Trucks with a barrel are now not tumbling.
In order for the mod to work correctly with the gear box, the pack is scattered across categories.

Added 6 machines:
The passenger van carries 12 people.
All-metal van: repair, refueling.
A truck tractor, rigged under the semitrailers Kamaz Pak and Zil Pak.
A pickup for transportation of all sorts of trivia.
Chassis with double cab for modules.
Also added a 3-axle dump truck with a body volume of 16,000 liters

2 engines with a capacity of 148 and 170 hp
Speed ??- 95 km / h
Modules: for grain, silage, straw, hay
Sprayer, platform for selecting bales, trailer for modules, seeder seeder.
For convenience, the package in the store is a separate category.
Added 2 trailers for loose loads with a carrying capacity of 4,500 and 5,000 liters, lighting devices with corresponding duplicating indicators were added, the lawn with a barrel was slightly adjusted.


Eraevgenij, artemich, Serega54rus, dimaks, wraith72, werik, Lex90

Download 83511_FS17_GazonNextPAK4_fixed

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