German Class 628
May 08

German Class 628

Diesel railcars of series 628 of Deutschen Bundesbahn and Deutschen Bahn AG in all existing liveries. Included are the prototype series 628.0 as well as the series 628.2 and 628.4.As replacement for the older rail cars and accumulator railcars class 515 the Deutsche Bundesbahn was looking for new types in the early 1970’s. They had to be as cost efficient as possible and flexible in usage, e.g. also on main lines. The first prototypes consist of two motorized rail cars, but there power was not very high, else they have been successful. The cars of the series later have been equipped with more powerful engines.Availibility: from 1974 until 2005 (628.0) and from 1986 (628.2) or 1992 (628.4)
Maximum Speed: 120 km/h
628.0: 32
628.2: 34
628.4: 37Caused by getting much fewer time the next weeks I am going to add the models as they are done. The start is a 628.0 type in turquoise livery, available from 1974.
Update May 7th: the second 628.0 in turquoise has arrived with buffer coupling instead Scharfenberg, available from 1985. And the two mint turquoise liveries as well. Available from 1987 and 1994. Additional improvement: the headlight position has been adjusted.

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