Hendriks Industry Booster
Sep 16

Hendriks Industry Booster

General Information
Producing enough goods especially in the late game is a huge problem in TF. The mod massively boosts the production for each industry and extends its maximum capacity. Production on level 1 is 500 now. For the other levels the values have been adjusted to 2000 (level 2), 8000 (level 3), 32000 (level 4) and 128000 (level 5). Moreover, all storage areas have been extended which causes the industry to provide enough products all the time.Existing Savegames:
The mod also works on existing savegames but the industry production has to shrink/grow to apply the new settings. A possible way to force shinking would cutting all street connections.New Industry:
Industries will now produce the first product they can until the (huge) storage is full. That does not cause problems for most of the industries except for the oil refinery. Therefore, I’ve added a new fuel refinery to split the fuel production from the oil production.

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