Kamaz 6350 Pack Reworked v 1.0
Jul 11

Kamaz 6350 Pack Reworked v 1.0

Kamaz kran.
Kamaz onboard – it impacts the standard cultures
Botta can be opened through the interactive menu.
The cap and the door open.
The body is closed with a tent.
For the crane in the package, there is a transport in the form of a pack. Haxoditsya pazdele paznoe.
The Z key is paged and corrupted.
Pepsaet almost all the agents and techniques.
Also with the help of a replica of a pedicle and pins
Removed all the shine, brushed garbage, winches removed
Pazmep: 66 MB after cleaning garbage.


Eraevgenij, KTO-TOTUTZDES, —=Wolf=-

Download 84026_Kamaz_6350_Pack_Reworked

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