Kamaz 6350 v
Jul 11

Kamaz 6350 v

In the pack comes Kamaz crane and onboard. Onboard 2 species. One standard culture is transported, the other is adapted for a card. SibAgroCom can perform all that can gas 66 from the card. Transportation of products, seeding. In the store it is called Kamaz spets. Every Kamaz has a winch. Boards can be opened through the interactive menu. The hood cover and doors open. The body is closed with a tent. For the crane in the set there is a traverse in the form of a hook. Is in the section is different. Traverse when the trailer visually disappears. The button Z turns and folds the lines. Almost all the machines and equipment are clinging to it. Likewise, with the help of straps, pallets hold pallets and bags.
Archive must be unpacked


Eraevgenij, KTO-TOTUTZDES, –=Wolf=–, Максим Кокарев

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