Railway Station Dresden Neustadt
Jan 30

Railway Station Dresden Neustadt

The Dresden-Neustadt station is the second largest station in the city after the Dresden main station and next to this long-distance station. He bundles the rail traffic on the northern side of the Elbe and replaced in 1901 the 1839 inaugurated Leipzig train station in the suburb of Leipzig and the existing since 1847 Silesian station. The contemporary, representative design of the building located in the Innere Neustadt district underlines its importance as a long-distance transport stop.features:
– High station with underpass
– Station with fixed number of tracks, 8 tracks as well as in the original
– Upgradable interior for 3 epochs
– Available from 1900With today’s release (28.01.2018), the station has experienced a long-awaited update:
– Extension to 400m + 480m
– new texturesFuture plans:
– transit track (as in the original)
– sidings and engine sheds
– integrated bus station (if possible)Special tanks to Tom for the Scripts and Skyjoe for the upgraded textures.

Download 69057_822367798_Railway_Station_Dresden_Neustadt

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