Road Cargo Stations 1.4
Dec 27

Road Cargo Stations 1.4

Beta version: Set with street cargo stations.
* Use at your own risk with your IMPORTANT save games as this mod will keep evolving.Included:
2 Bay Drive Through.
This is the first of the cargo stations I plan to make. It’s a drive through type meaning trucks enter on one side and leave on the opposite side. There are 2 bays, one in each direction. Also included is an optional small side street to hook the station up to an industry or station supplying cargo. The side street can NOT be used by trucks and is only to supply this station with cargo. Normal cars can’t pass through this station so it will interrupt main lines. Optionally the station area can be fenced of with a wooden, an open chainlink or a closed sheet metal fence.
2 Bay Drive Through Side.
Simular to the previous but with the loading bays on the side so that other trucks and normal cars can pass the (un)loading truck, otherwise it has the same options.Now available from 1850 with only old style roads and without the closed sheet metal fences.
If you place a drive through station before 1950 and want to upgrade the roads to the new style roads in 1950 or later you first have to upgrade to the new station by clicking on the station picture in the upgrade window and then selecting the station with the same picture from the list.

Download 68319_862271152_Road_Cargo_Stations_1.4

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