Steyr Truck [8X4_OVER SIZE] (Part_A) / 斯太尔/陕汽 [ 8X4_超限运输] (分包A)
Oct 02

Steyr Truck [8X4_OVER SIZE] (Part_A) / 斯太尔/陕汽 [ 8X4_超限运输] (分包A)

— –available: 1980.
-The model is one of the _003_Part(A)
-This MOD contains the following items:
–(01) Truck – Steyr Truck [8X4_(OVER SIZE)] (AT,CN,RU)_(Steels, Materials, Plastics, Goods.)
–(02) Asset – Steyr Truck [8X4_(OVER SIZE)] (AT,CN,RU)
Tips:Steyr series 8X4 [ROAD TRAIN] ( currently in Modeling, Will be released as PART (B) next week.—Deutsch——
— –verfügbar: 1980.
-das modell ist eine der _003_part(A).
-Enthält die folgenden gegenstände:
–(01) Truck – Steyr Truck [8X4_(OVER SIZE)] (AT,CN,RU)_(stähle, materialien, kunststoffe, waren.)
–(02) Asset – Steyr Truck [8X4_(OVER SIZE)] (AT,CN,RU)—中文—–
–《斯太尔/陕汽 8X4 [超限运输] (分包A)》 – 可用时间:1980
–(01) – 卡车 – 斯太尔/陕汽 8X4 [超限运输] (奥地利,中国,俄罗斯)(钢材,建材,塑料,商品)
–(02) – 资产 – 斯太尔/陕汽 8X4 [超限运输] (奥地利,中国,俄罗斯)
提示:斯太尔/陕汽系列 8X4 [公路列车] (目前还在建模中,将会在下周作为(分包B)发布。
–About series [WIP] , please see the TPF website forum.
MOD by:HugeDragonYKHAVE FUN. 2017.09.21 STEYR/ShanQi 8X4 series v1.1 Part(A)[OVER SIZE)——–preview 预览———-[‘https][‘https][‘https][‘https]————-Steyr 8X4 [Road Train] Notice 预告:[‘https]—————-

Download 66730_1139969701_Steyr_Truck__8X4_OVER_SIZE___Part_A_______________________8X4________________________A___

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