Track, Depot and Station Rework
May 08

Track, Depot and Station Rework

adds 4 new types of tracks and reworks the standard ones:yard tracks from 1850, Speed: 60 km/h, cost: 30
wooden tracks from 1865, Speed: 120 km/h, cost: 50
concrete tracks from 1900, Speed: 160 km/h, cost: 60
modern tracks from 1925, Speed: 200 km/h, cost: 68
high speed tracks from 1950, Speed: 300 km/h, cost: 80
super speed tracks from 1990, Speed: 400 km/h, cost: 110more modern looking road depots from 1920
more modern looking Track depots from 1920 and 1990
+ updated old depotsnew tunnel walls for tracks available after 1920
new tunnel entrance available from 1925enjoy

Download 66547_1079845720_Track__Depot_and_Station_Rework

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